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Ways Gluten-Centric Culture Book Will Enhance Your Life

  • Gain an understanding of our gluten-centric culture as described by over 600 study participants nation-wide.
  • Learn how the Church, the Government, Rules of Etiquette, Celebrities and others perpetuate cultural insensitivity to gluten.
  • Understand how someone's definition of what is "true" affects you in your everyday life.
  • Learn mitigating strategies to help you navigate social situations smoothly.
  • See how others living the gluten-free lifestyle have transformed their lives.
  • Understand empowering practices to use to transform your own life to live gracefully with food sensitivities.


Read The Chapters

One chapter appears in each edition of the quarterly publication Journal of Gluten Sensitivity (starting February, 2021). To read the chapters, please click below:

Chapter 1 – Are You Kidding? Please Click Here to Read Chapter 1
Chapter 2 – Cultural Constraints in our Gluten-Centric Society. Please Click Here to Read Chapter 2
Chapter 3 – Where Cultural Constraints Collide in Public Settings. Please Click Here to Read Chapter 3
Chapter 4 – The Body Battleground, Please Click to Read Chapter 4
Chapter 5 – Grabbing a Bite Together Please Click to Read Chapter 5
Chapter 6 – From Shaky Ground to the Homeostatic Shift, Please Click to Read Chapter 6
Chapter 7 – Individual Transformation, Please Click to Read Chapter 7
Chapter 8 – New Language Helps, Please Click to Read Chapter 8
Chapter 9 – Sharing the Wealth, Please Click to Read Chapter 9
Chapter 10 – Taking Action, Please Click to Read Chapter 10


Interactive Discussion Groups With Dr. Duane

Please join us to discuss the chapters. Learn how to apply the concepts from the book to your everyday life to navigate social situations gracefully. You'll learn how to adopt an empowering perspective, identify cultural constraints that have stood in your way, and develop strategies for how to approach difficult scenarios. These lively discussions last between 1.5-2 hours.

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Our gluten-centric culture makes it challenging for those following a gluten-free diet. From birthday parties to taking communion, gluten-containing foods such as cake and bread are central to celebrations and rituals. This informative book presents the results of a nationwide, intensive study of the social aspects of living with food sensitivities or celiac disease incorporating data from over 600 survey participants and nearly 70 in-depth interviews. Dr. Duane explains how cultural constraints such as religious beliefs and practices, the popular media, the government, corporations, and rules of etiquette affect how someone with food sensitivities or celiac disease navigates various aspects of social life. Dr. Duane examines situations in venues such as the dinner table, church, school, the medical examination room, restaurants, (and even the bedroom!), to illustrate how cultural practices affect those with food sensitivities and celiac disease. Throughout, Dr. Duane intersperses stories highlighting personal challenges and conflicts described by study participants. Readers gain a deeper understanding of cultural influences that subjugate those living with food sensitivities or celiac disease in this illuminating, sometimes humorous, and often surprising work.


Jean Duane, PhD

Hello, I'm social scientist Dr. Jean Duane, the author of Gluten Centric Culture. People who live the gluten-free lifestyle seek me out to learn how to live the lifestyle they dream of. I focus on providing consulting, workshops and research on the social aspects of gluten-free living.

Need help managing your gluten free lifestyle? Let's have a (free) 10 minute conversation. Please click here to send me an email to schedule a time. Let's work together to make your life rewarding and inspiring.

"Once I conducted an applied study, I found it shocking how living with gluten-sensitivity affects nearly every aspect of daily life. From the in-depth interviews, I learned how people have adapted and even transformed their lifestyle to gracefully live within the constraints imposed by gluten avoidance. Now I want to share what I learned with you."
-Dr. Jean Duane