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Cultural Constraints Workshop Signup

We expect cake at a birthday party; bread on the dinner table; and loaves to represent the Body of Christ. We have pizza night on Saturday and bring the doughnuts when we want to reward our staff. We smash wedding cake into the mouth of our new spouse… We break bread together in order to bond with others. Those who cannot eat gluten are alienated from these rituals. In this workshop, we'll discuss some of the cultural constraints (identified in the book Gluten-Centric Culture) that cause problems in church, at school, and around the family dinner table for those following the gluten-free diet. We'll review those cultural constraints and roleplay how we might prevail. Once we have language and have cultivated an attitude of being empowered, we can command respect. Not understanding these cultural practices results in people feeling isolated from social events. Living the gluten-free lifestyle is a social disease (Bacigalupe, 2015), but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding is the first step to thriving in life. 



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