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Chocolate Covered

Frangelico soaked dried apricots - What a great combination - a glazed almond stuffed into a Frangelico soaked apricot and dipped into chocolate. These are fast and easy to make. These lively apricots are sure to please your special guest on a romantic evening.

Chocolate Covered Frangelico Soaked Apricots

12 sulfur free, dried Turkish apricots
½ cup Frangelico Liqueur (enough to cover apricots)
Soak apricots in Frangelico Liqueur overnight.

Chocolate Coating

Two 3 oz bars of your favorite (100% dairy free; gluten free) rich dark chocolate

Chop chocolate.  Place chocolate in a double boiler.  Heat it until it reaches 110 degrees.  Remove from double boiler and sit on heating pad.  Take 1/3 of the chocolate out and place on Silpat or non-stick surface.  With a flat edge, temper the chocolate until the surface goes from shiny to dull.  Put the chocolate back in the pan with the rest of the chocolate and mix with a spoon.  Take temperature of chocolate.  It should be between 86 and 90 degrees.  Keep it at that temperature (on the heating pad) while working with it. (Please refer to the instructional video on this website to see how to "temper" the chocolate.)

Pat the apricots dry using layers of paper towels.  Stuff each apricot with a glazed almond.  Place each stuffed apricot on a long skewer or toothpick.  Dip into the chocolate and set toothpick into Styrofoam. Store apricots in an air-tight container.