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"I just wanted to say thank you. My son has sensory processing disorder and I've had him on a GFCF diet since about May. The diet has done wonders for him. I just saw you speak at Vitamin Cottage and bought your Kids' Meals video. I rushed home and watched the whole thing (as well as several of the Comcast On Demand segments). My son was so excited about the DVD (he's six) and watched it with me. At one point he declared you a genius! :) I'm really excited to make some of your recipes, and especially the nut milks. Your recipes and guidance are a great help as we travel down this "alternative" path. Thank you so much! All the best, Stephanie, Ft. Collins, CO P.S. - You have a wonderful singing voice, too!"

Those meatballs in the Italian DVD are really good! I wouldn't have known they weren't made of meat if you hadn't told me. Abby, Pasadena, California

I love the fact that most of the dishes on the DVDs are a vegan version of the Core Weight Watcher's diet. I feel like I can eat this food until I am full and I don t have to worry about counting points. What a great feeling! Becky, Arcadia, California

The Carbanara sauce is genius. A cream sauce made from raw cashews! Who would believe it? It tastes great. I ll make it for my next family reunion. Alan, Denver, Colorado

I love that penguin. He is so erudite! I learned a lot from watching the DVDs and I am really surprised at the breadth of ingredients that you use so cleverly. Betty, Boulder, Colorado

Here's an alternative for the tamale filling in the Mexican DVD. Fill them with sautéed onions, garlic, black beans and corn, seasoned with chili powder and ground cumin. They taste great with a purchased medium salsa. I make a lot and freeze them and my Autistic son loves them for lunch. Gina, Taos, New Mexico

The best resource I have found for a listing of the hidden gluten and dairy products is a website called http://www.gfcfdiet.com/unacceptable.htm. It has really helped me learn what to avoid. Bert, Salida, CO

Those brownies are the best. I have never tasted brownies that were better than these. Doug, Denver, Colorado

The custard is my favorite. It is so rich and thick and tastes just fantastic. It satisfied my chocolate craving (that day, anyway!). Louise, Frisco, Colorado

A web site that really helped me is the Celiac Society. There are chapters all around the United States (and in Europe). The meetings have been especially helpful in finding local restaurants that cater to restrictive diets. www.celiac.com. Cecilia, New Brunswick, NY

I love the pinto bean burritos. The tangy tomatillo sauce is just great and I love the corn side salad with that dish. Mark, Centennial, Colorado

My favorite dish on the Mexican DVD is the enchiladas. What a great idea hiding the vegetables in the tofu cheese . These were easy to make, and I never knew that about corn tortillas. They really taste good with that red sauce. Elizabeth, Fort Collins, Colorado

I am so happy to have this resource. My husband has GERT and can't eat dairy or gluten. He has just been miserable and afraid to eat anything. Your dishes have opened up a new world for him one he thought the door was shut on forever. Thank you. Erin, Knoxville, TN

Since I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I have been living on rice cakes and peanut butter. I'm not a cook and eating out is risky because anything can have gluten. Your cooking instruction has enabled me to start cooking for myself. The step-by-step approach really is great. I love the food, and the creativity, and I now I can do more than boil water! Larson, St. Cloud, MI

I liked the Italian DVD. Those breadsticks are delicious. I changed a couple of recipes in the Italian DVD and I wanted to share what I did. I used walnuts instead of pinons in the Pesto and it tasted great. I also added a little more stock to the Minestrone so it wasn t so much like a stew. I made it without the okra because I couldn t find any. My family has love all of the dishes so far! Sherri, New Haven, CT

This is a healthy, clean way to eat. I don't have any restrictions, but I feel a lot better eating this way. Thanks! Martha, Albuquerque, NM

You are a God-send. Thank you! Steve, Bethesda, MD

I can't eat anywhere anymore. I found out the hairspray I was using changed their ingredients (and didn't announce it) and it now contains wheat protein. I have been using it a few months. I have to read every label, I cannot eat at people's houses because I am afraid of what they use to cook with. The reactions are so bad that I feel like I have to stay home all the time. Your DVDs have shown me how to have fun cooking and how to enjoy foods within my dietary restrictions. Thank you. Joy Elizabeth, Lexington, KY

I never heard of a lot of the ingredients in your DVD and at first, I was skeptical. I made the nachos with the ume plums. Wow! I don't miss cheese as much. Ricky, Casper, Wyoming

Here's a recipe for a quick snack: Bake some of those corn tortillas like Jean shows in the Mexican DVD. Keep them on hand. Spray them with oil and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Norma, Portland, Oregon

I m afraid to eat so many processed foods because of cross contamination. I just can t believe how many things contain derivatives of dairy and gluten. It is really scary. I just heard there is a gluten factory in Kansas looking for more places to put gluten. I feel safe cooking with your instruction. Thank you for screening the foods and showing us in a very positive way what is OK. Angela, Overland Park, Kansas

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