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May 26th, 2010 by Jean Duane

For those times you feel like baking, turn to Bake Deliciously! Gluten and Dairy Free cookbook. We’re excited to announce that we are doing our second printing. Bake Deliciously! is flying off the shelves and getting rave reviews.
But there may be times you are in a hurry and want somebody else to do the work. Enter: Bella Gluten-Free Mixes. Mary Capone – The Wheat Free Gourmet has just announced a new line of mixes. Ranging from pizza to sandwich bread, all-purpose flour mix and raisin bread. With these mixes, you can make a wide variety of foods.Bella Gluten-Free Mixes NOW AVAILABLE
I love statistics, and a while back, The Wheat Free Gourmet conducted a survey. Here are some of the results of The Wheat Free Gourmet presents New Allergen Free Dry Mixes survey.
“Our Profile
95% of us are gluten sensitive, intolerant or celiac
35% of us are dairy/casein intolerant
25% are allergic to soy
10% are allergic to corn
* Most of us follow a gluten-free diet because we have to in order to stay healthy
* 62% of the households have 2 or more people following a gluten-free/allergy-free diet
* We rank taste, texture, and nutrition as the top three things we are looking in our foods
* We are somewhat satisfied with what is out there
* Most of us are likely to try new mixes
For a look at Bella Gluten-Free ‘s complete product line and launch date visit”
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