Blossoming Lotus Restaurant

May 4th, 2010 by Jean Duane

It?s official. I found my favorite restaurant of all times ? Blossoming Lotus. The food is INCREDIBLE and fresh ? most of it harvested locally and made fresh. Lovingly prepared nut creams and spreads served on flax crackers or fermented into cheese. Served with colorful vegetables in a creative, ?fusion vegan? style.
From Live Wraps with tahini-cilantro pate, cucumber, sprouts, carrot, and avocado goddess sauce to my personal favorite, Live Falafel Wrap with walnut and brazil nut falafel, tahini-cilantro pate, cucumber, onion and fresh tomato wrapped in a beautiful chard leaf with cashew sour cream and hemp seed tabouleh. Great care is taken to offer gluten-free selections. I felt safe eating the foods recommended. And of course, it is all dairy-free.

Beautiful Salad and Wraps

Beautiful Salad and Wraps

We were given a tour of the kitchen, where the dehydrators were humming and happy chefs were busily chopping vegetables and making creations like smoked maple tempeh and Eden nuts ? a house special. The kitchen had a fresh aroma of herbs and spices.
One of the ways to tell if meal is good for you is to reflect on it three hours after it is consumed. Are you feeling well, invigorated and energetic? Or bogged down and bloated? The meals I had at the Blossoming Lotus made me feel healthy and energetic.
This method of cooking brought me back to my roots and inspired me to create more dishes using nuts, nut creams, seed and nut cheeses and lots of fresh vegetables, as shown on the Mexican, Italian and Kids? Meals DVDs. I can?t wait to attempt to replicate some of the dishes on the Blossoming Lotus menu and create more inspired by their creativity!
If you are in the Portland area, this restaurant is worth a trip. Seriously, if I lived there, I’d find a way to eat there as often as possible You?ll find it at at 1713 NE 15th Avenue, Portland OR. ?Alternative Cook, LLC. 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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