Gluten-Free Diet – A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Shelley Case, Dietitian

July 29th, 2009 by Jean Duane

Rarely, if ever does one come across a book that ?has it all?, but this book by Shelley Case is one that anyone on a gluten-free diet must have. Ms. Case helps you navigate through the diet, a thorough discussion of oats, gluten containing foods, labeling in the USA and in Canada, how to eat a nutritious diet while eating GF, meal planning, sample menus, cooking, eating away from home and shopping. The book contains over 3,100 gluten-free specialty foods and a directory of 270 companies that cater to the gluten-free consumer. It represents years of work and thorough research.

Gluten-Free Diet - A Comprehensive Resource Guide

Gluten-Free Diet - A Comprehensive Resource Guide

The Gluten-Free Meal Planning section offers an array of suggestions for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks with recipes. Dinner suggestions include GF pizza, Hearty Vegetarian Kasha Casserole, GF Lasagne, Moroccan Millet and Lentil Leaf Rolls (stay tuned for that recipe).
Healthy Meal Planning Tips ensure your meal is balanced. The Sample Seven-Day Gluten-Free Menu takes the pressure off of the newly diagnosed. Follow this, and you?re home free with interesting delights every day of the week. Recipes are provided by many of the luminaries in the gluten-free world.
A section that piqued my interest was Baking Tips. I had not read this book before writing Bake Deliciously! Gluten and Dairy Free, and have come to similar conclusions ? and most of the tips offered are consistent with other GF bakers such as baking at lower temperatures and making a ?tent? with parchment to keep the heat inside of the baked good and to prevent over-browning, and pointing out that GF bread dough is really a batter, and rather sticky. It is interesting to me how the experts on GF baking disagree on several key things such as types of pans, (shiny versus black) altitude adjustments (after testing at sea level, 5,280 feet and 9,300 feet, I?ve found that virtually no adjustments are required with GF baking) and whether to add gums to the wet or to the dry ingredients. (I found adding guar to the wet and xanthan to the dry yields the best results.) One tip suggests letting the dough sit for 30 minutes before baking. Other GF experts omit this step completely. I have had best results by letting it sit 5 minutes so the dry flours can absorb the liquids before baking, but not too long to still give the leavening a chance to react to the heat. It just goes to show, that this isn?t an exact science, unless you use the exact same ingredients, oven and pans. Nobody has all of the right answers ? and that there are other variables that make a difference ? from different flour/starch mixes, to oven temperature, to climate, etc. No wonder we come to different conclusions about GF Baking!
Gluten-Free Diet has over 3,100 products listed including information on how many ounces and number of items in the package. If you have been feeling like you can?t find a particular item, it is likely in this book. Gluten Free Companies and Distributors, Gluten Free Bakeries and Gluten Free Stores and Distributors are listed.
This is an excellent book and one I would highly recommend for anyone on the Gluten-Free diet. It is available in the Recommended Books section of this blog, and at a bookstore near you. Do you have a book that serves this community that you would like to have reviewed? Please contact me at and I’ll be happy to review it! ?Alternative Cook, LLC, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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